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ABC Coloring Book v1.8
support iPad/iPhone
New Version 1.8, we provide an additional coloring book for download. It will present a new set of words and coloring images with several animations. The first 6 letters are free and only 0.99 USD to unlock the rest.

Children love coloring, and they like our app because it brings instant gratification every colored picture will be perfect with their magic finger, no need to worry about drawing a mess. The coloring book will offer children enjoyable time. Adults can treat this coloring book as a stress reliever by finger painting while listening to your downloaded music (press the music icon under any word to start the music and again to stop it). The paintings will be saved when they exit the program or select other pictures to draw on. There are 26 different images they can paint on and there are more to come.

Children can listen to letter pronunciation by pressing one of the alphabets. A picture word reflecting the alphabet will also appear and when selected, the screen will display the coloring picture of the selected word.

Children can select different colors to fill the stencil and never have to worry about painting outside of the lines or they may choose to press the drawing area for a second and the area will be color-filled automatically.
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